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There are so many photos now on my website, I've showcased some of my favorites.

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Speed shots http://speedshots.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/speed-shots When I started shooting races, the name for my website came naturally. I wanted to capture the action of motorsports.

As a photographer, I try to shoot images that do not simply capture a moment. I also want to capture someone's memory, an emotion, as well as an artistic impression, and I try to do that within the context of those subjects I am passionate about.

One of those subjects is motorcycles. Motorcycle racing is one of the most exciting forms of motor racing on the planet! The riders are not enclosed inside some steel shell; you can see their every move. From my vantage point I get to experience the sound and fury of man and machine, racing elbow to elbow at over 100mph! It is a visual feast of brightly colored leathers, the armor of these gladiators, astride their equally colorful steeds. 


Just how does a photographer convey the excitement of racing? I look for angles where the racers will be balancing on a knife edge, the turns where they are controlling the battle between gravity and speed. I watch the competition develop and try to find racers in the heat of passing each other. I see riders pushing the envelope of acceleration, or at the limits of braking. I walk around the pits, and look for the background activity, the highs and lows of competition, things that show the human side of racing. These are after all, just regular people like you and I.

As with all action sports, using the correct shutter speed determines the image you get. Too slow and things are blurred beyond recognition, too fast and you freeze action at the risk of losing that sense of motion. Panning with the racer ensures you get the subject in sharp focus. Manipulating the aperture lets you isolate the racer against a sometimes busy or boring background. Over a race weekend I may shoot over 1000 frames. Which is then followed by the process of weeding out the ones that are either technically or visually flawed, looking for the perfect ones that my fans would like to see and use. It's a lot of work, but to be honest, it's also a lot of fun.

So while my friends are out there pushing themselves to be the fastest, I too, am pushing myself to get the best shot. One that is not only artistically pleasing as a photo, but also communicates to the viewer as if they were there. 

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Denver Zoo Mikes Camera Test Drive http://speedshots.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/4/mikes-camera-zoo-test-drive The annual Denver Zoo Camera Test Drive was today, sponsored by Mike's Camera stores. There were booths from your favorite manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Tamron, Sony, Lensbaby, Vanguard, Promaster & Panasonic! Scattered at various exhibits were shooting stations, where the exotic hardware was set up: the big telephotos and prime lenses. You could walk up to the stations, clip your camera body onto the lens and shoot a few frames.

Since I recently got a Sigma 150-500mm, f/5-6.3 zoom lens, I wanted to compare it to Nikon's offerings.

First was the Sigma, to establish a baseline. I set my Nikon D7000 at f/8, AP, ISO 400 at 400mm. The camera chose 1/1000th of a second for shutter speed for the sleeping lion below. 

While the center is fairly sharp, there is some softness around the edges. The DOF seems to run out at the top edge and at the lion's rear feet.

Next, I hooked up to the Nikon 200-400mm f/4. Same settings. This time the D7000 chose 1/800th of a second for shutter speed. 

On center sharpness was again very good. Even though it was also set up at f/8, the DOF seems to be greater than the Sigma. Also quite apparent is the overall cooler tone to the lens over the warmer Sigma. 

Close crop of the Sigma:

.. and of the Nikon, showing a finer detail to the whiskers. MSRP on the Nikon is around $5,000.


Next, what's it like to shoot with a $7,000 lens? Nikon had the 500mm f/4.0 prime telephoto there. Here again, first is the Sigma:

1/1250s f/8 @ 450mm, ISO 400

And the Nikon -

1/1250s @ f/8, ISO 400, 400mm

On center details with the Sigma,

.. and the Nikon. Razor sharp!


So there you have it, a chance to play with very expensive, and very good, lenses. 


To end out the day I also played a bit with the LensBaby attachment:

At least, this is within my current budget!


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New 2012 MRA season: Speed, colors, photos http://speedshots.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/5/new-2012-mra-season-speed-colors-photos Another season of exciting motorcycle racing with the MRA kicks off at High Plains. For an action photographer it is a great place to capture the excitement of racing: the speed, the handlebar to handlebar action, the colors. Stay tuned to this site as I cover the action. Racers, let me know if I can help you with photos and media for sponsors and advertising.

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